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For-profit businesses are not allowed to operated in Philadelphia if they don’t have an active Commercial Activity License.

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Business Privilege Tax The Business Privilege Tax is the former name of the Business Income and Receipts Tax.

There are no other differences between the two taxes.

This would be subject to the tax on gross receipts only.

The list above is not exhaustive, and exclusions are based on the facts and circumstances of each business.

The Department of Revenue may give you an extension of up to 60 days from the original due date.

Where the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) grants additional time for filing the Federal return that coincides with the BIRT return, you have an extension up to the due date of the Federal Tax return.Tax credits that can be applied against the BIRT include: Visit the Tax Credits section of this site to find specific eligibility and filing requirements.For a complete listing of all credit programs, you can also visit the City’s online Business Services Center.For more information about interest and penalty rates, visit the interest, penalties, and fees page.Beginning in tax year 2016, there is an exemption of the first 0,000 in gross receipts and a proportionate share of net income from the Business Income and Receipts Tax.There are no extensions for tax payments, but you can apply for an extension if you need more time to file your return.

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