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Planet Minecraft staff will NEVER ask for your password.

For security purposes, it is not possible for anyone to retrieve your password from the database as it is stored in an encrypted form.

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Exceptions should be requested via the Ticket system.

You will need a solid reason as to why the new account will be used to fulfill a requirement that our site does not currently offer.

Planet Minecraft is a fan-created community where you are able to share your Minecraft skins, texture/resource packs, mods, maps, and projects with other Minecraft fans. Planet Minecraft is not affiliated with Mojang in any official capacity.

We do not sell Minecraft accounts or give them away for free.

On any accounts that are being used as alternates that have been allowed via exceptions/tickets, you must provide a link to the original account (or users using the account) on your About Me, so that the public is not lead into believing they are separate accounts and are aware as to who is running them.

Creating additional accounts without explicitly being cleared will result in increased ban length, removal of new account(s), removal of submissions, etc.

The current official Privacy Policy located here and should be used if there is any confusion.

The privacy policy located at the previous link will take precedence should there be a conflict between these two policies.

IP Addresses are not publicly linked to personally identifiable information.

Messages between members, members and judges, members and moderators should not be shared without the consent of the other person.

If there is reason to believe a person(s) may be involved in illegal/inappropriate activities, Super Moderators or Admin will look into them to determine if the reports are accurate.

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