Sims 2 dating guide

Better yet, you can double date or even all out multi date all at the same time!

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YOU MAY GO TO DOWNLOAD A COPY AND PLAY IT OFFLINE INSTEAD. Still in development but is amazing so far its free for Android PC and Mac and gets updates every few weeks. public=true After 10 years the project is completed!

Its borderline unrealistic that any physical living being in real life could actually do that, and Maxis apparently didn't think it unrealistic that a person can date the same person like fifteen times on the same day, so exploit it and bite away at the wound like a ferocious cougar on the weakest gazelle!

Of course, Xyni's "best friend" will stop by to give her a few flowers and other goodies from the compound dating, sometimes even during the current date, and hopefully, he wouldn't get eaten by the cow plant. Another goodie that comes from delivering a Dream Date is that the dating sims' motives get about a fifth of their meters in all areas restored, save for Environment of course.

Not that you don't deserve it, but it's a "gotcha" and people are really put off by that sort of thing.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- [9.04] How to Have a Dream Date: Payapaya!

----------------------- Xyni's Example #2: Home Is Where Your Date Is The place where most good dates end should really be the place where they all begin, at home.

Unlike real life where first time daters like to meet on neutral grounds just in case one of them is a serial killer, like Rally up there, in this game, sims can invite their date to meet them at home in the first place.

Having your sim's date at home is also ideal for established romance sims with multiple lovers who have a better chance of going to Heaven than going on for a date on the town without receiving a fistful of slap.

Of course, the reverse is kinda' true should a more family oriented sim be domestically anchored to the old ball and chain and want to escape the confines of their spouse's domain of terror.

What this means is that our healthy female biped here and her best friend can machinegun date practically indefinitely all day and night long without interruptions.

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