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That’s not to say that I was much better in that department or else I wouldn’t have been involved in this pitiful exercise.

I was part and parcel of the nerd element, my campaign being headquartered in my mother’s basement which doubled as my bedroom.

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I would normally ignore them but this one particular one proved to be an annoying, persistent thorn on my side.

He went by the name of “Egghead” a pseudo-intellectual type; I suspected that he was a “gacanta ku site” as I imagined a wretched soul on whom the qooq/kacsi or mampouya as they call it in the Congolese language had done a number, riddled his face with “fin-doob” and bridled the development of his social skills.

We worked on him tirelessly and we were soon in the inner circle.

As we continued tantalizing him and tickling his ego, he finally managed the courage to ask for our phone number.

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Egghead liked to flaunt his erudition and he’d invariably counter my bible verses with quotes from obscure tomes or a few lines of malayacni poetry.

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